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  1. The father feels left out of the significant decisions in the child’s life.
  2. He realizes he’s not good at being a father.
  3. There was too much conflict between him and the child’s mother.
  4. The father knows that he can’t afford child support so, if he is around the child, he will likely get caught by the police.
  5. The father feels less time every month; his relationship with his child is not growing.

We know our child miss their father, but we can’t ignore that fact we have to let them know it’s okay to talk about him. What do you do when the father isn’t responding to your calls. As the mother doesn’t call to ask for anything, you leave a message saying your child misses you and wants to see you. He doesn’t respond to your message. It makes you question yourself why I didn’t see this in him before. Some men and women don’t care. If the other parent is calling you to say your child misses you and wants to see you. Sometimes there response will be it’s because of the child support. So you try all you can and, you suggest to him if he is consistent and visits and take the child out regularly, you will drop the child support order. And he does well for three months. Because he thinks you have already lost the child support, he stops coming around. Little did he know you were testing him to see if he would keep his word. If he had, you would’ve dropped it. So you call him to see what’s up and he says I’m a little busy this weekend. Then he’s missing, your call to see if everything is okay he says all is well. So you inform him I see you thought I already stopped the child support so now, you stop coming around. When he realized the child support order was still in force, he asks why I thought you said you would stop it. Do you take me for a fool I was giving you three months, and just as I was about to, you stopped showing up?