Are You Operating In Your Full Potential, There’s Always Better Around The Corner

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Wanda R. WhiteSep 7 · 5 min read

Have you ever felt like there’s something missing? That is my life really! Is this all I have to offer? Well if you haven’t, have you ever wonder how did I get here? Was it the thought of financial security or the fear of the unknown? Over 30 years ago I was working a night job that I felt comfortable in, I was making good money I thought at the age of 20. Considering now the minimum wage is 7.50 I believe I was making 7.00 back then. Until one night one of my co-workers had just come back to work off of maternity leave. I worked at a photo lab. I developed films in a dark room and put them into a machine that developed them into photos. We worked around chemicals at that time, remember you guys I was young and dumb I had no empathy at that time for my coworker who had to go home to a newborn. Now that I think of it I was very selfish. We rotated in the chemical room because they didn’t want one person around the chemicals for to long. It was my time to come out and her time to go in. She didn’t say anything to me, however, she had spoken to the supervisor and they decided I would take her time in the darkroom. He didn’t ask if I would mind working her time because she didn’t want to go in due to her newborn. He informed me that I had to go back in there and cover her shift, maybe I would have felt differently if they had asked instead of telling me I had no choice I either go back in there or I could go home. Remember I was young and dumb so I said I’ll go home. Long story short that was my last night on that job, I was fired for insubordination refusing to do what the supervisor asked me to do. I tried to argue that he gave me a choice and I chose to go home. But I was still fired. At that point in my life, I decided I didn’t want a job where I would be under observation all day. I needed a job where I would come to clock in and go do my job and come back and clock out after my shift ended. I brainstormed for a while and decided I needed to get my CDL Class B permit in order to drive school buses. I got my permit then got the job and they certified me to be a school bus operator I had my Class B License. I worked this job for eight years with no issues. I started feeling I needed something more different. I got a night job at Fed Ex at night as a package handler. From there I started watching the tractor-trailer drivers and I began to wonder if I could drive a tractor-trailer. I had a Class B license so I didn’t think it would be difficult to get a Class A license. Guest what you guys I got an opportunity they needed part-time tractor-trailer drivers. Fed Ex sent me to Arkansas for two weeks they paid for everything traveling expenses and hotel accommodations and they gave us food allowances. Well I guess you want to know if I passed, YES I got my Class A license I was so excited I drove the local routes as far north as West Palm Beach and as far south Key West. Wow-what an experience I worked both jobs for two years. Until one year around Christmas time, everyone knows Fed Ex busiest time of the year. I had done my route for the night and was getting ready to clock out when the supervisor informed me I had to stay and work at least 4 hours sorting out packages. Ok, you guys here we go again remember you guys I was working two jobs. I informed the supervisor I couldn’t stay because I had to get some sleep to do my morning job. I had to stay and work at least 4 hours at that time it was 11:30 pm. I had to be to work at 6:00 am, so if I stayed I would be allowed to leave at 3:30 meaning I would get home about 4:00 sleep for an hour, and get up at 5:00 to be to work at 6:00. I knew if I stayed I would be putting the kid’s lives in danger because I wouldn’t have had enough time to sleep. So I had to decide either my full-time job or my part-time job because I knew they would pull this again. Fed Ex had tractor-trailer drivers that had more seniority than I had that had been on the job for 10 or more years as part-time drivers. So there was no possibility of a full-time position in the near future. Yes, you guys I quite that night. Remember in my title there is always something better around the corner. Although I had been at the school board for 8 years at this time I was making like 14.10 an hour. I wanted more you guys I always want more so I started thinking to myself what could I do to make more money I have my Class A license now. With this license, there were plenty of opportunities out there. I thought about going over the road and travel from city to city, but I was too afraid of this alone my sisters had kids so they couldn’t go with me. The only other higher paying job out there was City Bus Operator. At first, it was hard because they had their own entrance test you had to pass and score high to get on their waiting list. The first time I took the test I passed it but didn’t score high enough to be called into an interview so I waited patiently for six months to pass before I took the test again this time I scored an 87% it wasn’t the highest score but I did get called for an interview. I was hired on October 2, 2000, I worked that job for 16 years. Until they decided I was no longer needed in the sixteen years I had been in many accidents that weren’t my fault but were injured. I had 3 major back surgeries and still tried to work I was in pain a lot as you can imagine not all roads are paved well then the speed bumps I would crawl over because of my back. I was terminated from there in August 2016.


Wanda R. White